Angel H8 Diode Laser + ND YAG Laser

2 Technologies in One Modular System

The Angel H8 is a state-of-the-art laser system that ingeniously combines DIODE LASER and ND YAG LASER technologies into one modular platform. Designed for versatility and efficiency, each system operates with its own independent power source, ensuring high, steady, and consistent performance. The machine boasts an intuitive user interface pre-loaded with treatment parameters, making it exceptionally user-friendly. Safety is also a priority, with an advanced monitoring and warning system in place. One of the standout features is its robust cooling system, which allows for extended working hours of up to 15 hours. Whether it’s tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation, or a range of other treatments, the Angel H8 offers a comprehensive solution for various aesthetic procedures.

Cooling Tech for Longevity

The Angel H8 sets itself apart with its advanced TEC cooling system, capable of sustaining 15 hours of continuous operation. This remarkable feature not only ensures the longevity and reliability of the machine but also allows for extended usage without the risk of overheating. In a field where consistent performance is crucial, the Angel H8’s cooling system stands as a testament to its engineering excellence.

Grow Your Salon

As consumer interest in advanced aesthetic treatments like laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation rises, the Angel H8 provides a unique opportunity to diversify your salon’s services. This machine is designed for both efficacy and client comfort, allowing you to meet and exceed customer expectations. By adding the Angel H8 to your salon, you not only cater to current market demands but also attract a broader clientele. The result is a stronger, more profitable business that sets you apart in the competitive beauty industry.

Technical Features Diode Laser

Technical Features ND YAG Laser

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