CryoAngel 360° Slimming System

Fat Freezing Cooling Technology

The CryoAngel is the most advanced and safe Cryolipolysis device on the market. Our revolutionary design means that you can treat two target areas simultaneously, reducing treatment time by half and maximising profits.
This is the latest fat freezing cooling technology which uses a special 360° applicator to target stubborn fat that is resistant to changes in diet and exercise, effectively freezing, destroying, and permanently eliminating the fat cells beneath the skin without damaging the surrounding layers. A single treatment typically reduces 25-30% of the target area’s fat content by crystallizing (freezing) fat cells at maximum temperatures of -9°C, which then die and are naturally eliminated by your body through the waste process.


Cash Price for 1000W Machine

The Technologies Explained


The Low-level ultrasonic waves break your fat cells down into a liquid. The body then eliminates the liquefied fat cells using your body’s own natural elimination processes.


This Non-invasive technique works by freezing the subcutaneous fat tissue to destroy fat cells, resulting in up to 25% fat reduction. The body then naturally breaks down and eliminates the dead fat cells.

Laser Lipo

Laser targets the fat cells, which are permeated releasing free fatty acids (FFA`s), water and glycerol. These are known as Triglycerides and are released from fat cells when the body needs energy, significantly resulting in centimeter loss.

RF (Radio Frequency)

RF treatments work by using heat to trigger collagen and elastin production in the skin’s deeper layers, this Tightens the skin, reduces cellulite and improves tone without any pain or downtime.


Surround Cooling

Upgraded 360°

360° Surround Cooling Technology unlike the conventional two-side cooling methods, increases efficiency by up to 18.1%. Allowing delivery of cooling to the entire cup and in result removes fat cells more effectively.

Shaping & Slimming

Double Chin & Body

Fast Treatment – Due to having dual hand pieces and 360 degree cooling our treatment time varies from as little as 40-60 minutes. This means that we are able to save you valuable time and increase your salon profits.

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Dual User Interface
Temperature and suction level can be precisely adjusted according to patient’s thickness of the targeted fat layer.
Dual Hand Pieces
Integrated technology on table-top devices enables you to use two hand-pieces at the same time to save treatment time.

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