Diode H6 Laser

Triple Wavelength Hair Removal

Diode H6 Laser Machines for hair removal are based on a superior technology when compared to other hair removal alternatives. The consumed energy heats up the hair shaft and bulb and the damaged hair shaft loses its ability to regrow. Diode H6 laser hair removal machines uses different wavelength of laser beams, depending on the depth of hair follicle and the site. One can look forward to a safe and comprehensive treatment for hair removal. The laser hair removal is safe for all hair types, whether fine blonde or darker hair.


Cash Price for 1000W Machine


Cash Price for 1600W Machine

Auto Intelligence

Our Diode H6 laser hair removal machine is very easy to operate due to its small size and touch control option. With a Steady power output and our Auto intelligent mode design, combined with its TEC cooling system make it safe and secure for the user. The thermoelectric cooling system is a perfect match for the laser machines. The painless way of removing hair is fast, effective and completely safe. Opt for the best methods of hair removal out there that are safe and effective.

Grow Your Salon

Investing in our Diode H6 laser hair removal machine can significantly elevate your salon’s service offerings. Not only is the machine user-friendly, but it also comes with a comprehensive training program. This ensures that your staff can operate the machine proficiently, providing your clients with a painless and effective hair removal experience. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grow your salon business with cutting-edge technology that promises both safety and efficacy.

Technical Features

Training Course

Get Certified As a Professional
R 3,000
  • 1 Day Training Course
  • Laser Hair Removal Certification

2 Day Rental

Lease a Laser For 2 Days
R 4,000
  • 2 Day Laser Rental
  • Delivery & Collection Included

5 Day Rental

Lease a Laser For 5 Days
R 7,000
  • 5 Day Laser Rental
  • Delivery & Collection Included
Save R1,500

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