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All of our laser machines and products are ISO approved and accredited. We also have over 10 years worth of experience in the industry.


CE Certified Equipment to give your peace of mind ensuring you deliver quality and safe treatments to your customers.


Flexible Rental & Leasing packages allowing your to create demand and grow your beauty salon.


Our Technical Team ensures all our machines are serviced regularly and are on Call to Assist where needed.


Join our seasoned instructor Hanlie Rossouw at our Cape Town academy and get hands-on advice and training in laser treatments.

CryoAngel 360° M

5 in 1 Multi-Functional Slimming Machine

Fat Freezing & Laser Lipo

Cryoangel 360-M treatments stand out for being non- invasive and painless. It’s innovating technology allows unbeatable results to be obtained, making it possible to observe the loss from the first session. Furthermore dalyance allows the treatment of cellulite in all its stages: hard, flaccid and oedematous, obtaining the best result for each patient everytime.

Radio Frequency & Cavitation

This combination is ideal for facial and other Skin Rejuvenation treatments, the combination of both technologies allows heating of the area to be treated by radio frequency while the ultrasound applies tridimensional pressure on the adipose tissue, obtaining a much more effective results on the treated area, allowing the patient to notice results from the first session.

VelaShape - VL10

4 Technologies in 1 Machine

The combination of IR and vacuum- coupled RF technologies causes deep heating of the fat cells(adipocytes), their surrounding connective fibrous septae and the underlying dermal collagen fibers. Efficient heating of the adipocytes is achieved by higher output of the RF.


Cryolipolysis Slimming Machine

CryoAngel is the latest fat freezing cooling technology which uses a special 360’ applicator to target stubborn fat that is resistant to changes in diet and exercise, effectively freezing, destroying, and permanently eliminating the fat cells beneath the skin without damaging the surrounding layers.

Elite - M8

Multi-Functional Machine Q-Switched ND: YAG

OPT using the cutting-edge intense pulsed light technology, belongs to the fourth generation of photonic technology, perfect OPT (Optimal Pulse Technology) core technology, the use of three-dimensional technology concepts: Energy + Pulse Width + Pulse Waveform. Due to changes the pattern of treatment light output, OPT is a revolutionary in the development, not only improve the efficiency greatly but also safety.

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